New Template & Login Ads - Updates! #1
Posted on 5:10 am 12/03/2019
Hello guys,

Just here to share some new updates with you guys. I have been working pretty hard on GPT-View to make it unique and stand out from the rest so i have added a new template and a custom login advertisements to help boost revenue to GPT-View.

So whats new again:
1. New template added with a more modern unique look
2. Custom Login Advertisements

So i hope you all like the new look, i will have to work on some new promotion material to suit the new look and design.

Login Advertisements are not coded to this site for members purchases as an advertisement option, if members are interested in this advertisement option they can always contact me via forum or may even add a product in point store.

How do login ads work?
Simpy login as usual and you will be redirected to the Loin Advertisement automatically this must be viewed for 10 seconds then you will be redirected to "My Account Dashboard" and also the advertisement will open in a new tab for you to view again or close accordingly.

Also GPT-View will be adding floating banners and popups from 3rd party providers to help boost revenue as well, just letting you guys know and i hope there not to intrusive and you guys stay active and keep being apart of our great online earning & advertising platform.

Regards Admin
Re: New Template & Login Ads - Updates! #2
Posted on 5:45 am 12/04/2019
very bad
Re: New Template & Login Ads - Updates! #3
Posted on 6:30 am 12/04/2019
Hi amang4,

What seems to be the issue? login ads or new template?

Feedback would be much appreciated.

Regards Admin