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New Feature & Some Changes #1
Posted on 12:54 am 08/28/2020
Hello guys,

We have a new feature currently in BETA as its just newly coded, so what is it?

Prize Square its similar to the cashgrid but with a difference, it's designed to boost revenue for GPT-View through POP Advertisements and also offers extra free advertising to our Surf Ads. So if a Surf Ad has credit and active it will be automatically shown in randomly into our Prize Square. Every prize square ad view will award free advertising credits to cash, this may increase as popularity grows with this feature.

Premium members get 20 views per day
Standards get 10 views per day

Once clicked onto a random square/grid it will open our sponsor page which you can either view our sponsors for a while or directly click "Open Advertisement" which will have to be open for 20 seconds then a get reward button will appear, you then will be awarded a random prize for your efforts.

Check it out & leave feedback here if you like or dislike it.

CashGrid - has been removed and replaced with prize sqaure.
Surf Rewards - has been removed because now members can receive bonuses from prize square daily.
Freebies - This feature is also removed as same reason above you will get bonuses from Prize Square.

Prize Square has been added and replaced CashGrid in our daily task feature.
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Re: New Feature & Some Changes #2
Posted on 1:20 am 09/03/2020
Prizes square is very good. First time i use it. Less time to earn that cashgrid. Thanks for it.
Re: New Feature & Some Changes #3
Posted on 2:07 am 09/03/2020
Thanks for your feedback, it seems pretty popular from the stats im seeing. Prizes may increase in the future.
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Re: New Feature & Some Changes #4
Posted on 7:38 am 09/03/2020
Thanks for it.

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