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# Advertising
Current Ads
1. Limited Time Offers
LTO lasts 1 month and limited to one purchase.
2. Fixed Advertising
Fixed Advertisements run for 20 Seconds. Unlimited free Prize Box Advertising for the duration.
3.Surf Advertising
Surf advertisements recieve 10 seconds view once per day by our members.
4. Login Advertisments
Members see this as soon as they login.
5. Paid to Promote
PTP advertisements are promoted by our members.
6. Popup Advertising
Popup Advertising will show once daily to unique viewers on our website.
7. YouTube Views
Our members will view your Youtube video once daily.
8. 468x60 Banner Advertising
468x60 Banners are rotated all throughout our website.
9. Square Banner Advertising
Square Banners are rotated all throughout our website.
10. Text Advertising
Text Advertising are rotated all throughout our website.


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